Martingales are our favourite!

• They're perfect for escape artists, when fitted properly, the head cannot slip out of the collar

• They help prevent damage or irritation to the trachea, when pulled they apply even pressure around the neck

• They help with training while still being gentle, they are great for leash pullers and give a sense of control without causing harm


  1. The Martingale makes it hard for a dog to slip out

    Some dogs can slip out of their collars more easily than others, depending on their fur texture and the circumference of their neck compared to their head. If your dog has ever slipped out of or backed out of their collar, you may want to think about getting a martingale collar to help keep them safe at your side.

  2. Martingale collars are helpful in training

    The martingale collar tightens slightly if the dog pulls on the leash, but not so much that it will choke the dog or harm their neck in any way. This allows for easier handling and a more pleasurable walk for the both of you!

  3. They're gentler than a choke or prong collar

    The martingale collar does not cause physical discomfort when used. Additionally, unlike choke collars, martingale collars will not harm the trachea.

  4. They're Stylish

    And the best reason! Martingale collars come in all sorts of colors and patterns so that you can find the right style for your unique dog. We use 100% cotton fabric which allows us a never-ending variety of patterns! Contact us for any special requests.

Finding the Perfect Fit

To choose the correct martingale size, two measurements are needed:

1.) Around the widest portion of the head (yellow line)

2.) Around the widest portion of the neck (green line)

A martingale collar will only work if it is fitted properly.

To fit your martingale:

• Loosen the adjustable loop

• Slide over your dogs head

• Tighten collar to fit snuggly

• Clip lease to the D-Ring

Safety First!

Safety comes first! To ensure your pup is safe when weearing their martingale collar, consider these key points:

• Dogs should never be tethered and left unattended while wearing a martingale collar

• Do not use with a retractable leash - constant tension of the leash will engage the control loop

• Martingale collars should be removed before crating your dog